Marketing With Attitude

Our approach is the most effective way to truly connect your brand and influence your audience. Join the movement of brands, marketers and businesses using M.W.A to power their marketing
Why is this important?

Traditional advertising
is dying! Welcome to
the revolution

We're living through the biggest shift ever witnessed in marketing. Brands need to rethink the role they play in a peoples lives. With brand trust and consumer loyalty at an all-time low, we are on the verge of a marketing revolution.

"Its not about adverts anymore, its about human advocacy"
- Phil Kemish

“Our Four Ps are the new marketing mix, It will help you stop ad wastage and earn your brand attention.
Brands can literally fly or die by their ability to execute on this.“

- Matt Thorne

The Marketing With Attitude approach

An approach to truly connect your brand
to your customers
Over the last 15 years, we've built brands and through our marketing agency Disrupt, and have helped some of biggest brands in the world connect with their fans.

Over this time we developed an approach called Marketing with Attitude.

It will make you re look at the role marketing plays and help you to connect brands to their people through their purpose, passions and physical experiences.

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The New Four Ps of modern marketing

Connecting your purpose to your people through their passions and physical experiences

Understanding a radical new shift in
consumer behaviours

Our philosophy is to help understand the changing beliefs and attitudes of consumers to modern marketing. It’s underpinned by a framework of the four new Ps that should be placed into your marketing mix.

This will you create a brand story, earn attention and connect with consumers on an emotional level to create a more meaningful, sustainable and human relationship for your brand

The new Four Ps of marketing

  • Identifies the challenges and presents the opportunities for brands amidst the rise of the consumer revolution
  • Establishes a set of principles to use when connecting
    with consumers and building a brand strategy
  • Showcases inspirational stories from brands that are challenging
    the status quo and earning attention
  • Sets actions to help you win in the human-centered
    marketing movement
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“The feedback on your talk was so positive, and couldn’t have been more relevant, you left the team energised.”
Gary Vaynerchuk

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From one on one coaching session to a full day workshop we help startups, small and medium businesses find their stories, understand how to leverage social media and influence to connect to their audiences and drive sales.
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We bring the attitude to the stage. The Marketing with Attitude concept comes to life with a highly engaging and energetic performance, packed with industry insights, brand inspirations and actions will get people talking and level up your event.
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